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Funding Opportunities for Canadian Social Service Organisations in need of Management Software

Whether you’re a service provider that’s well-established in your community or one that’s just breaking in, funding, resources, and perhaps accreditation are likely among your top challenges, all three being ongoing concerns. You already know you need to either upgrade your existing software or transition from a paper-based system to a case-management software solution. (See our previous post Client Tracking Software - Do you know what to look for?) Now it’s just a matter of finding funding for it.

The following list is by no means meant to be an exhaustive summary of funding sources for Canadian social service providers. No doubt, readers, many of you will have the jump on me there, and I do hope you’ll help round out this information for your fellow readers by sharing your experience and knowledge of other sources in the comments. Rather, this post looks at different types of funding available today for nonprofits that some of you may not have considered previously and provides a sample of leads from each type to help you begin your exploration of different funding possibilities.



The Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada

List of foundations in Canada


Civic Info BC

Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities (not-for-profits eligible)

Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration (additional federal and provincial funding sources listed)

Grants Canada – Canadian Subsidy Directory

Charitable Donor Organisations and Foundations

United Way - Vancouver

RCMP Foundation

Canadian Women’s Foundation

Charity Village

Community Foundations of Canada

Lions Club International Foundation

Community Investors

Green Shield Canada

ENP – Social Enterprise Canada

Tides Canada


Techsoup Canada

National Crowdfunding Association of Canada

What is Crowdfunding? Click here to find out.


Imaging Canada Grant Connect

More Info


Social Enterprise Canada

Northern Development BC – Resources for Community Projects

Ontario Trillium Foundation – Links for Not-for-Profit and Charitable Groups

We’ll take a look at the intersection of accreditation and technology in a subsequent post. Thanks for reading! Leave a comment and share your thoughts, your knowledge or your experience and let us know if you found this post helpful.