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The Top 2017 Post Truth Tech Trends

As 2017 begins, it seems a great time to reflect on what can we expect from technology in a world where the Oxford Dictionary’s word of last year was “post truth”… A good choice when you consider the media fire storm we were subjected to all year.

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Moving Towards the New Era of Globalization

As the end of the Obama’s presidency draws near, and the world waits on tenterhooks for the future, I was wondering how technology will assist future historians in understanding our times. Once upon a time historians reveled over each piece of buried ephemera that was discovered and shed light on historical events with new scintillating details Now won’t our future historians be able to listen to every single phone call and text message Obama ever sent? Where’s the mystery in that? Everything will be known by everyone – the Warholian fifteen minutes of fame era is upon us – who knew it would mean “going viral”?

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Internet Addiction Boot-Camps - Has it really come to this?

China states they have 24 million youth now “addicted” to internet and smart phone usage. This has fueled the growth of over 300 military style clinics with controversial techniques, such as six months incarceration, vegetable peeling, and push-ups to “cure” patients of their addiction. One clinic declares their patients cured if upon release, they then spend less than six hours per day on line. Apparently this is the benchmark for internet overuse and addiction. Six hours? That’s hardly a workday!

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What3Words set to Change the World

There was a recent news story stating that Google maps was incorrectly directing people not to the national park they were hoping for, but instead to one man’s private driveway. He regularly contacted Google to let them know of his frustration re-directing tourists and replacing signs and fences, but still each day dozens of people would flock to his property and start the trek up his driveway, because well Google maps was WRONG. 

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The Digital Mesh from Rome with Love

A vacation is indeed an incredible luxury, a thing once taken only by the elite classes and not even coined as a concept until around the time of the Norman Conquest. Of course these days you are hard pressed to book anything for your vacation now matter how big or small without the use of the Internet. The Internet has long ago replaced travel agents and the world seems to be more often than not, using sharing economy style bookings on sites such as Air BnB. With every very new airline booking, accommodation reservation, or online communiqué post, you will be asked endlessly to log in and create a new account. I have been noticing that more and more often I am being given the option to log on via another service, usually Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or LinkedIn. In fact on some applications it is now difficult to log in WITHOUT going through another site, usually a social media service.

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What You Need to Know About Building BRIDGES

The non-profit world can be a very confusing place to try and understand our differences and to determine who’s who in the pond. Some of us refer to ourselves as agencies, others are non-profits, some are organizations (which sounds so big and fancy), still others identify as charities, N.G.O.’s, or are members of the “third sector”. Then there are the foundations, service clubs, self-help organizations, volunteer clubs, and even MANGO’s (A Market Advocacy NGO apparently! Confused? Then just imagine how your donors or supporters might feel! So just what are all these organizations doing anyway?

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