Pandemic Response

Learn how ShareVision can help your organization cope with all the changes stemming from COVID19.


How Can We Help?

ShareVision has always made it easy for authorized employees to work from home. Here are a few other ways that we are working with organizations to make their lives easier during this difficult time.  

  • As soon as the pandemic hit, the ShareVision team decided to prioritize all custom work and support issues that pertained to an organization's pandemic response. This policy is still in effect.

  • In April we offered several free webinars to show organizations how they could use ShareVision to handle changing data needs resulting from the pandemic. We plan to continue offering these webinars regularly as long as they seem helpful. 

  • We have introduced a new way for organizations to get
    ShareVision up and running as quickly as possible. Our Project Jumpstarter packages get new administrators the help they need at 25% off our regular hourly rate. These packages can be used to have us migrate data, set up your forms, or just about anything you need to jump start your ShareVision implementation. 

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