We think our customers do amazing work! Here are some of the ways they think we helped them to be amazing:


ShareVision transformed how we collect and use information.  The knowledge base of the ShareVision Product Experts, about their product and the community living sector saved us hundreds of hours and unquantifiable dollars as we designed and implemented our site. It was surprisingly simple to learn and the Sharevision Team was infinitely patient as they trained a non-technical person how to administer our site and develop new content. 


Gina Rowan
, Director of Administration

Since we began using ShareVision three years ago, we have invested a great deal of time and resources further developing  our ShareVision database with customized reports, specific notifications and alerts and programming that has revolutionized the way we work. All information is exportable to MS Office programs and templates can be created in Word and Excel for use in ShareVision. The built-in coding for multiple levels of security and privacy gives us the flexibility to offer up only the information necessary for our employees to do their work and ensures information regarding the people we support is kept private and confidential.

Nancy Vermeulen
, Administrative Officer ,
Community Living Essex County

It is an easy-to-learn and reliable way for our 100 staff users to record information pertaining to the supports they provide people. We are able to introduce new staff members to the system with very little instruction time.

Rick Hill, Executive Director
Community Living Owen Sound and District

Staff can easily utilize the software and securely find the digital processes which are both practical and functional in all daily tasks performed while connecting us remotely throughout the community. ShareVision’s mobile app provides immediate access to client data for health and safety as well as up to date client record documentation. Program participants enjoy the visual learning components of pictorial dashboards and management can easily review data with customized reporting to manage and improve service delivery and identify trends and monitor our desired outcomes.

Tammy Howe
, Quality Services Manager
TIER Support Services Ltd.

We researched data management systems for a year before choosing ShareVision. It was, comparatively, a “no-brainer” and we now use ShareVision for all our programs and residences, HR, surveys, statistical analysis, and even data management and communication with external partners.


Nathalie Callender,
Program Manager
North Shore ConneXions Society.

Along the way we have discovered that it is so much more than a
database! We are always going to be learn and grow with ShareVision because there is so much it can do.

Gillian Sutcliffe, Administrative Assistant
Langley Association for Community Living

What has been extremely beneficial is having simple and easy web-based access from anywhere in the world and the most current information regarding our supported individuals.

Ernie Baatz, Executive Director
Spectrum Society for Community Living