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How to Break Bad Pandemic Habits

Many of us are preparing to transition back to 'in-person' activities on a more regular or ‘normal’ basis, be that for work or for school. I have to admit, I feel a little unprepared as I consider getting back to an in-person routine. While thinking about this, I can’t help but examine the changes to my habits over the past year and a half since the pandemic disrupted everything. 

5 Things You Can Do Right Now When There Isn’t Enough Time in the Day

At any one time Administrators are busy doing a million different things in an organization – handling daily tasks in operations & administration, taking calls, letter writing, managing client information, reporting, special projects, and so much more. 

Does this sound like you? 

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Build a Company Culture That Increases Your Team’s Productivity


Steps to building an effective, happy & productive team

Truth is, we all want to increase our productivity. But the challenge is, how do we do it? Getting the most out of your Not For Profit organization can be daunting, but these strategies can help.

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Useful Ways to Give Better Feedback for Organizations

Feedback is important right? A part of our everyday lives. It helps us make progress, and which one of us does not benefit from that? As it relates to work, research shows that one of the best ways to help employees thrive is to give them feedback. 

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5 Good Ideas for Growing Sensory Inclusive Venues

I’m not sure how many of you that read the Sharevision Blog follow us on social media, but a few weeks ago – around the time when the Sedin twins played their last game in Vancouver (a memorable time for us hockey fans!) – I shared a news story on Rogers Arena in Vancouver, BC, where Managing Director of the group that owns the arena, Paulo Aquilini, spoke in this video about the venue being the first designated ‘autism aware’ arena in Canada. 

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How Social Media Brought Me to the Gym

Recently I have become fascinated and fully inspired by Kitchener, Ontario’s first integrated fitness, yoga and hockey training centre.

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