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Add-on Features

ADD MORE POWER and flexibility to your system without having to wait or pay for custom development


Human Resources
$249 / yr

An add-on feature that pulls together all of the information in the system collected about employees into one convenient place. Track employee training, certificates, notes to file, vacation requests, employment history and more.


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Communication Log
$199 / yr

Designed to replicate the paper communication log kept at many service locations, the communication log tracks entries made by supervisors and the initials of each employees as they are read. Administrators can easily search for unread entries by staff, date, or program.


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Mobile Devices
$750 / yr      now included in v4!

Our latest version is built with responsive design so ShareVision works perfectly in browsers on any mobile device. Administrators can pick and choose which information and forms appear on which devices and use the security system to tailor permission levels.



Email Alert Manager
$349 / yr    now included in v4!

With this add-on administrators can setup alerts to users or groups of users associated with a service or an individual as well as completely control the subject and body text of an alert email. Alert non-users of ShareVision simply by adding their email addresses and even configure workflow chains of alerts.


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Contact Relationship Tracking
$199 / yr      now included in ShareVision v4!

Allows staff or managers to add new contacts and/or relationships from the client contact page. Also allows editing of existing information and pushes updates to other clients who share that contact. 



Intake New Clients Wizard
$249 / yr now included in ShareVision Plus v4!

This add-on makes it quick and easy to add a new client into the system right from the service details page.



Extended Form Features
$299 / yr   now included in v4!

Upgrade your ShareVision forms to allow showing and hiding of groups of columns or branching logic where different columns appear based on a choice. You can even have groups of columns appear when a user answers yes to a question. 



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List Archiving
$249 / yr    now included in v4!

Trim those large lists with this add-on that lets you choose a date range to archive and then stores that data in an archive list for safe keeping. 




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IP Restrictions 
$399 / yr

The IP restriction tool lets you decide and limit which computers and locations can connect to ShareVision. 





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Form Help Content
$79 / yr   now included in v4!

Once installed this product provides administrators the ability to define help text that will display at the top of a specified form. You can even include specific text for any or all columns in the form which appears when the staff person clicks on a help icon next to the column name.



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Medication Administration Record
$199 / yr 

This add-on enables you to easily generate a MAR sheet for any supported individual. Once you have the medications an individual is taking entered in ShareVision, all you need to do is choose the date range and then click Print to generate a sheet your staff can use to track medication administration.



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Training Content Manager
$599 / yr 

This add-on allows organizations to build training courses right in ShareVision. Administrators can add formatted text, video, or PowerPoint presentations to create content, define multiple streams and sections to make up a course, and even create quizzes which will be automatically marked using your uploaded answer keys.



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