Do-it-yourself, or get a little help from your ShareVision friends

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Transitioning from your current system to a new information-management system can seem like a daunting prospect. Take heart! We’ve helped hundreds through it painlessly with a convenient complement of support services. You can get guidance from one of our knowledgeable product experts and you’ll also have access to the ShareVision knowledge base, our online help repository that includes an orientation to the software and information on how to use features in the ShareVision Foundation. If you get stuck, or experience an urgent issue with your site, you can always phone or email our in-house Support team, helpful and professional client care specialists ready to answer all your questions.

Full Service

Serving plate held upWe realize that not every agency has the extra time or resources needed to implement a new information system, even if they understand how much they stand to gain by adopting one. For organizations like these, we have developed a process to gather all the information we need to build a simple implementation plan, along with a cost estimate to deliver the individualized package of services you require to get ShareVision off the ground.

The first step is for us to send you our Full Service Workbook, an in-depth questionnaire that you and your team will fill out. It will guide you through all the tasks required in a typical implementation and help get you thinking about what tasks you have the capacity to do on your own and what tasks you’d like our help with. Once you’ve completed the workbook, we’ll set up a free, one hour Discovery Session where you will meet with a product expert to go over all your answers and have a chance to ask any further questions. After the session, we’ll crunch the numbers and get back to you with a detailed estimate and timeline to get you everything you asked for.