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Revolutionary staff management software - Premium staff management for nonprofits

Because no organization runs on software alone.

You could say the heart of your organization is the people you support. At ShareVison, we are sure you would agree that the staff that work, run and volunteer at your non-profit organization or social service agency are the soul of what helps you strive towards your goals.

StaffManWhether these people work a few hours a week or have dedicated their lives to your cause, it’s essential to show them support by giving them the tools they need to do their best every day.


Much like adding a profile for each new client in ShareVision’s case management software, administrators and managers are able to onboard each staff member by creating their own unique profile which houses their information.

This can include a profile picture, contact information, notes, logs and any forms or information a staff member or manager may need to access. You may have multiple locations, and an incident may occur where you need to call a staff member at another facility.  You have the ability to quickly see which staff work there, click on their profile and gather the contact information you need.

Personal Schedules

Every staff member also has access to a view of their calendar, so they know exactly what they should be doing at any given time and can set reminders for every event or a single event throughout the week. 

Staff can also easily see when their next shift is so you can avoid missed or late shifts or those last-minute scares of “wait, do I work today?”


Just like the importance of keeping the day-day schedules and support plans streamlined for your client's care, the same principles apply for keeping your staff member's schedules and daily tasks easily manageable and trackable.

The Trax Dashboard gives your staff all the tools they need to complete their duties and share information with managers, and hand over important information throughout a shift change. Whether your staff has one or more clients they care for, Trax helps them allot time, log case notes, and run through checklists and forms, so they never miss a step along the way.

Trax is especially helpful with transferring data or shift notes to another employee. Because everything is housed online, it’s fast and easy to assign a task to another team member and give them the rundown of everything that happened on their shift, so they are prepped and ready to take over.

Workplace Policies and Procedures

Every organization or agency has different criteria and policies they need to maintain in order to achieve standards for potential funding or accreditation purposes. Each staff member can now see precisely what the policies and procedures are and when they are going to be updated or reviewed so that there is never any question or doubt as to what guidelines need to be followed.


Outcomes-SmWe know how busy it gets with the work you do and sometimes requests or tasks slip through the cracks. ShareVision gives managers and employees the ability to submit forms for approval and track which approvals are still pending. Is that holiday you requested coming up? Is there a new certification your staff needs to fill out by a particular deadline? Easily see what has been reviewed and approved so you know where you stand and when to send that follow-up email.

Staff Activity

As a manager, it is essential to know which staff member finished a task, viewed a document or how much time was spent between specific events. This is a key element of being able to track what happens in your organization as well as a way to hold people accountable.

Easily search for data with a time, date and user stamp, so you know exactly who did what, when and where.

Mobile Access

Mobile-SmShareVision works just as well on mobile and tablet formats as it does on a laptop or desktop computer! This means that your staff can use mobile devices to take their work with them to each client. No more paper forms, phone notes, and trying to remember what you forgot to write down. Now you can log tasks and data in real-time and easily make edits as you go and share them with your team.

ShareVision is proud to be able to create a case management software to help the many people making an impact by helping others. We believe in what you do and hope the tools we have created over the past 18 years will allow for a significant change in how you are able to provide care, making it fast, simple and intuitive so that you can focus on giving the best care possible.

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Staff Profiles
Create a personal information profile for each staff member.

Personal Shift Schedules
Each staff member has a personal view of their work schedule.

Trax is a personal task manager that helps staff organize and manage their daily work agenda. Each logged in user has a My Trax dashboard to keep track of their daily to-do list, schedule follow-ups, record communication with external contacts, store notes, assign and receive tasks handed off during shift changes.

Workplace Policies and Procedures
Document, store, and reference support policies, service procedures, and accreditation standards.

Content Approval
Perfect for time-off requests, Content Approval enables staff to fill-out and submit a request form for managerial review. They’ll see only their own requests pending approval.

Staff Activity Tracking
Built in audit trial with time/date/user stamped records.

Also Includes

Multi-level User Access
Permissions enable unique access, settings and functionality for different staff levels. Personal logins give each user a unique Home page in accordance with their security level.

Alerts, Reminders, Announcements
Internal and external alerting options. Set up alerts for a single staff member or for an entire staff group and choose the notification frequency: immediately, once per day, once per week. Alert family members to criteria you choose. Alerts are emailed with pertinent information.

Mobile Access
Phone and tablet access give staff the freedom to work remotely, be notified about important events or critical incidents and respond immediately.


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