Sharevision Training

Online training for administrators and staff

One-on-one Training - $99 /session

ShareVision one-on-one training sessions put you together with one of our excellent trainers to go through one of our many available courses in an online webinar. Session examples are shown on our generic training web site and cover topics for everyone from those new to ShareVision to seasoned experts.

  • Many courses available
  • Book a date and time of your choice
  • A great way to brush up on forgotten skills

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Site Based Training - $249 /session

Our trainers will lead you and up to 5 staff members from your organization through one of our courses on your ShareVision site to make sure they address your specific scenarios. The entire session will be recorded and made available to you for 30 days to review when you need to. 

  • Up to 5 attendees
  • Book a date and time of your choice
  • Work on your own site
  • Review a recording of the session for 30 days


Course Outlines

Getting Started With ShareVision - 3 hrs.  (Only $500, a savings of $247 over 3 personal training courses)

This program consists of three separate sessions that are 1 hr each.

Are you brand new to ShareVision?  Has your organization recently purchased ShareVision and you want to learn the skills needed to implement as quickly as possible? Have you recently become the administrator for an existing ShareVision site?  Are you an experienced ShareVision administrator who wants a refresher of the concepts and technology that makes up your ShareVision site?

If you said yes to any of the above, this three session offering is for you.  This course is for administrators of a ShareVision site who are looking for some assistance in either planning their deployment, or understanding the ongoing requirements of managing an existing ShareVision site. The program includes all of the material found in our All About Lists: Introduction and Security and Permissions courses, as well an overview of user creation, contact management, and the various steps required to upload existing data into your new ShareVision site. Depending on time, the final session can involve a general "Question and Answer" segment dealing with the specifics of your site and needs.

If you're looking to become a ShareVision power administrator as quickly as possible, this is the program for you. Included is a recording of each session that you may review later as you apply your new skills to your site. This course is intended for new ShareVision  customers, new ShareVision administrators and existing ShareVision administrators wanting an up to date refresher. 


Getting the Most Out of ShareVision - Coaching Sessions   NEW !

This program consists of ad-hoc 1 hour sessions, as few or as many as you want. Book them as you need them.

Have you taken our other training courses, worked on your ShareVision site so it’s up and running, and now have a list of great ideas that you’re not quite sure how to make a reality on your site? Perhaps you have a list of seemingly unrelated questions about various things you’ve come across while being an administrator on your site? Maybe you took our Getting Started training program and now as you’re embarking on your implementation, you just want some direct, on the fly training specific to what you’re currently working on. If any or all of these apply then our ad-hoc, client driven "Coaching" training concept might be for you.

YOU provide the area(s) and examples specific to you and your site that you want to rapidly understand and we'll give you the knowledge you need to accomplish your goals quickly. If our other training courses can be considered “classroom and curriculum" learning these sessions are more like “practicums”. Your real-world ShareVision experience and needs are what drive the session and the topics we’ll cover.

These ad hoc training sessions are intended for existing ShareVision administrators who have likely taken some of the other courses previously but want some focused coaching specific to their current strengths and challenges. 


All About Lists - Introduction 1 Hr.

All About Lists – Introduction takes you on a discovery tour of ShareVision’s most powerful resource. Did you know there are more than 10 different types and styles of lists in ShareVision? Get to know their layout and features and when each is used. Learn how to tell the difference between list views and filter-page views, where each can be found and what they are used for. Discover the 12 types of list columns. Find out how to use different views to get multiple perspectives on your data.  

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All About Lists - Advanced - 1 hr.

All About Lists – Advanced continues the discovery tour with a look at advanced list features. Ever wonder what those other things in your list settings are for? Or think, what happens if I click on this? Solve the mystery of what’s OK to change and what’s not! Learn how staff and administrators use the content approval feature and see how version history can protect a list from changes resulting in fatal errors. Get to know what content types are and how to set up alerts on different views. Discover the possibilities. Note: It is recommended participants take All About Lists – Introduction prior to taking this course.


Introduction to Security and Permissions - 1 hr.

Understand what security and permissions mean in ShareVision. Become familiar with key security concepts. Learn how to set-up and manage security and permissions for users, individuals, programs, and residences. 


Reporting on Your Data - 1 hr.

Reporting on Your Data shows you how ad hoc reporting can give you a quick snapshot of how things are going. When generating or creating a custom report doesn’t make sense for looking at data in one list, try ad hoc reporting for an instant spot-check on current conditions and progress. Learn how to create your own report for any list; or, how to sink a ShareVision list into Excel so you can combine all the features of a ShareVision view with Excel’s data analysis tools. Whether it’s a summary of particular list details, or general data trends in a list you’re after, ad hoc reporting gives you immediate results that are a manageable size. Best of all, creating them is free! 


Reporting and More in Microsoft Access - 1 hr.

Reporting and More in Microsoft Access gives advanced users an orientation to reporting on multiple lists in an Access environment. Feeling confident in your ShareVision abilities? Challenge yourself while helping your organization save on its reporting budget! We’ll start you out by getting your lists into Access and show you how to prepare your data for a report. By the end of the course you’ll know what querying data means and how to use the Access reporting tools for basic reporting on multiple lists. Boss needs a graph too? No problem. We’ll show you how to move your data into Excel for anything else Ms. Big Cheese may need. Participation in this course requires that you have Microsoft Access 2007 or 2010 installed, demonstrated technical ability, advanced knowledge of ShareVision views, list settings, and columns, and some familiarity with Access. Note: There is no technical support for Microsoft Access.


Introduction to the Contact Manager - 1 hr.

Discover the potential of the ShareVision Contact Manager! Get tips on adding and searching contacts and organizations. Simplify editing profiles. Learn how to avoid duplicate records. Get troubleshooting tips and shortcuts and discover the hidden functionality of Trax. We'll also show you how to build mailing lists for sending bulk communication to contacts right from within your ShareVision site.


Content Types - 1 hr.

Participants learn what ShareVision content types are and when they are used. Trainers demonstrate how to turn-on, create, modify, and customize content types. This course is designed for intermediate-level users. Participants should be familiar with list and document library settings and creating columns.



Creating Attendance Records and Working with Calendars - 1 hr.

Learn how to track program attendees, work with attendance records in either ShareVision or in Excel, create attendance records, review attendance history for both programs and individuals, export attendance records so you can work with them offline, and manage attendance data in calendars. 


Special Courses

ShareVision Staff Training Program - 2 hrs.  
(The program consists of two courses that are 1 hour each.)

Course fee is dependant on customized course outline

The Staff Training Program is for agencies preparing to roll out their site, for those who want to give senior staff an opportunity to refresh their ShareVision skills, or for those bringing on new staff. Our program gives participants the knowledge and ability to work confidently and efficiently in ShareVision. It is completed over 2 sessions, immersing participants in a comprehensive orientation to key areas of ShareVision they’ll spend the most time in. Staff learn how to log on to ShareVision and become aware of common login issues. They are introduced to the layout of ShareVision content and how to locate information and get help. Trainers explain the difference between lists and libraries, between list columns and filtered views, and demonstrate how to add and edit records. Staff are exposed to the variety of forms and libraries they will use and have an opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in a short quiz.