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Accreditation Support

Achieving accreditation is hard work. Demonstrating conformance shouldn't be.

ShareVision offers an ideal framework for supporting accreditation requirements. Achieving accreditation requires rigorous effort involving implementing policies and procedures that meet your accrediting body’s standards, documenting conformance to standards, and demonstrating evidence of compliance. ShareVision can help streamline both documentation of conformance and demonstrating evidence of compliance. Built-in, editable smart forms and the ability to upload and create custom content enables you to document strategic planning, policies and procedures, outcomes, input, daily activity, collaboration and all other aspects of your service delivery. Use the software’s built-in library features and accreditation template to turn ShareVision into a virtual terminal for compliance reporting. Agencies have found that our templates work equally well for surveys by CARF, FOCUS, COA, or whichever accrediting body you happen to use.