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Outcomes Tracking

Measure impact. Strengthen service delivery. Spread ability.


Tracking outcomes at your organization or agency plays a significant role in the personal care plans of the people you support.  We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to track whatever outcomes and tracking methodology you chose, with the flexibility to shine a light onto all aspects of your organization's service delivery. 

Outcomes tracking with ShareVision makes short-term, long-term and day-to-day tracking as simple as applying the filters you need over a set period of time. Track goals, indicators, influencing factors and progress all within our outcomes tracking software.


Setting and tracking goals may play a pivotal role in the daily activities of a caseworker or support staff within your organization. Working closely with clients can be a fulfilling aspect of your role as you get to work together to help your clients learn, grow and meet their short and long-term goals.

With ShareVision’s outcomes tracking software, you have the ability to cater to unique progress plans for each client and associate the forms, checklists and reports needed for their personal care plans. We know every individual is different, which is why the customization offered in ShareVision allows you to create the forms or surveys you require surrounding the specific needs of every client.

Mobile tracking

Mobile-SmAre you always scrambling for a pen, trying to remember if you went through the entire daily routine or having trouble keeping track of and finding each printed report? ShareVision also works on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This allows you to track outcomes while you work and store them digitally, making it easier to complete tasks on the go, find any information, and easily share it with other staff members.

Date and User Stamps

Outcomes tracking requires you to be able to monitor progress over an extended period of time. ShareVision makes it easy to pull data from an individual or group of individuals with our date and user stamps in a matter of seconds. Since everything is stored digitally, you no longer need to look through different sources or filing cabinets to measure outcomes, saving you countless hours of administrative work.

Alerts and Notifications

Notifications-SmNo two days are the same; unfortunately, sometimes, there may be an accident, incident or situation that would require immediate attention or a notification for the staff member taking over a shift. Outcomes tracking in ShareVision allows you to notify a group or individual in real time so that any critical matter can be promptly assessed and addressed. You choose who sees the notifications, whether it be a family member, staff member, or any contact that is associated with the client that you have set up to receive specific alerts.

Not all notifications are critical; you may want to notify someone to celebrate a goal or milestone; these can easily be set up with ShareVision like any other alerts within the system.

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