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Nonprofit client tracking software

Choose accurate client tracking with ShareVision

At ShareVision, we understand the importance of your clients - they are at the heart of your organization. We've designed our client tracking software loaded with all the features your nonprofit needs to support them fully, enhancing your client relationship, and helping your staff give the best care experience possible. We work with you to ensure unparalleled customer satisfaction.

From tasks traditionally input manually to paper logs filed by hand, ShareVision's client tracking software efficiently tracks every single client's journey. Our software is a single source of truth, keeping you in control of every aspect of your client support plans, providing a 360-degree view of every individual within your care.

Elevate your nonprofit with our client tracking software

Client tracking for nonprofits: Streamlining your business processes

Here are some of the key features of our client tracking software:

Client Portals: Centralizing client data for nonprofits

ShareVision positions supported individuals at the center of our CRM software, allowing easy access to crucial client details and records. View contact history, service history, and other pertinent client data all from one place, streamlining communication within your team and with external contractors or affiliated companies. Our client portal provides an effective solution to track clients and share essential procedures, reminders, and client updates to ensure no detail is missed.

Individualized forms: A key feature for nonprofit client tracking

Our client tracking software comes loaded with best-practice editable forms spanning over 20 years of development. Case managers can use these forms to track everything - from client notes, medications, to daily activities, and checklists. With ShareVision, customize your forms as per your needs or develop new ones as your organization grows, ensuring effective tracking of client activity.



Program and Facilities Management

Managing multiple programs or facilities is an integral part of the services you provide. With ShareVision’s client tracking software, keep track of which programs each client participates in, their housing details, and more. As your organization grows, you can add potential clients to waitlists and notify them when a room becomes available or when new programs are introduced.

Our client tracking software: Your solution

Streamline client service delivery for greater efficiency

Calendars and Scheduling: Keeping track of client activities

Stay updated about upcoming events, appointments, and visits with our advanced calendar system. Never miss an appointment or visit with ShareVision's client tracker, reducing manual input for each event and reminder. This feature saves you from tedious administrative tasks, freeing up more time for crucial work areas.

Custom Reports: Ensuring transparency and compliance

Whether your organization is publicly or privately funded, ShareVision allows you to create custom reports that present a clear picture of individual, program, or organizational level activities. These reports can be easily customized for funders, board members, government entities, or stakeholders, ensuring that your organization's standards are met, and funding continues.

Unleash the power of nonprofit client tracking with ShareVision

We know how crucial your work is, and that’s why we strive to offer the best client tracking software solutions. Uncover the power of efficient client management and superior customer relationships with ShareVision. Contact us today to learn more about how our software can revolutionize your organization's client tracking and management process.

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Innovative features of our effective client tracking software

Relationship building and tracking 

Monitor the intricate network of relationships between clients and their families, medical professionals, or any additional support resources. This crucial feature ensures all interactions and communication history are well-documented, enhancing client relationships.

Result-oriented outcomes tracking 

Evaluate your clients' progress by tracking their goals, influencing factors, and advancements. ShareVision, our Client Relationship Management Software, offers diverse data collection options for better client tracking metrics.

Detailed enrollment records 

Keep comprehensive track of client enrollment details, such as their service or facility enrollment, waitlist status, referral dates, start and end dates, etc. This helps in maintaining an updated client list and managing the client intake process effectively.

Efficiency booster 

Our software catalyzes your team's productivity by automating tasks and processes, thereby providing more time for your staff to focus on their clients (and potential clients) by streamlining their workflow and efficiency with ShareVision.

Enhanced security configurations 

We prioritize your clients' safety with our multi-layered security system. Our software allows permission-based access, ensuring client records are only accessible to authorized users.

Additional beneficial features for an optimized client tracking system

Alerts, reminders and announcements 

Efficiently manage your reminders and alerts, and send them to any chosen recipient. Be it agency-wide announcements or targeted messages, our client tracking method facilitates it all.

Dynamic content management 

Whether you need to edit built-in content or create custom forms, surveys, calendars, and more, our software has you covered. Also, generate custom reports and access add-on features to further expand the tools you can use to help streamline all of your efforts under one roof.

Advanced contact manager 

Leverage our robust search capability and multiple contact types for initial contact with clients. Utilize Relationship Tracking to manage your network of connections. Manage active/inactive client status, upload photos, and assign programs and residences.

Personalized client care 

Monitor your clients' detailed information and case histories to provide the best care possible. Use our email alerts software to share valuable insights with other service providers. 

Customizable client groups

Categorize your clients into various client groups based on their needs, preferences, or geographic location.

Our client tracking software: Your solution