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Client Tracking

A specialized case management solution,
built by peers, for organizations just like yours.


Looking for complete case management software that fits your non-profit's unique programs and needs?

We know the people you care for are at the heart of your organization, so ShareVision’s client tracking software has every feature you need to give them the best support possible.

For every task you may have been manually inputting, every paper log you have filled out, and every communication mishap, ShareVision’s client tracker allows you to quickly and efficiently track your client's support journey every step of the way.

Client Portals

  • ShareVision puts supported individuals at the centre of its case management framework so you can access all the essential information and documents associated with your clients from one place and instantly share critical data, procedures and reminders with your team.
  • You are able to share information with contractors and other affiliated groups through shared satellite portals, so no one who needs to be notified is kept out of the loop.
  • You may need to associate different types of contact information and records with each client. This can also be tracked from ShareVision client portals, whether it be a family member or emergency contact, therapist, medical professional or any individual that may need to be contacted or updated regularly as part of your client's ongoing support plan.

Individualized Forms

  • With our client tracking software, you will find 20 years' worth of best-practice editable forms that case managers can use to track anything from case notes and medications to daily logs, notes and checklists. Don’t see what you are looking for? With ShareVision's client tracker, you can create your forms to match the paper-based ones you may have been using or develop and update any forms you want to create as the need grows.
  • All forms, records, and documents have on and off-site alert capabilities so you can get critical information out to staff, managers, and an individual's network of support resources.


Program and Facilities Management

  • Client tracking in your organization or agency may mean managing multiple programs or facilities as part of the care you provide. Our client tracker allows you to manage which programs each client participates in and any home or facility they may be living in at any given time.
  • You may have a limited amount of occupancies or plans to add more programs as your organization grows. With ShareVision, you can add future clients to wait lists and notify them when a room is available, or when space or new programs open up.
  • With ShareVision’s client tracking software, you can control more than just the information surrounding the individuals within the ShareVision database. Every aspect is tailored to your needs, and much like the client portals, you can also equip each program and facility portal with the information you need to run smoothly and efficiently.
  • This may include custom intake forms for each program or facility, notes, reminders and updates or activity and trip logs, as well as pictures and calendars specific to those spaces.
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Streamline client service delivery for greater efficiency

Calendars and Scheduling

  • Excited about a day trip that's coming up in a few weeks? Put it on the calendar! Did you take lots of pictures? You can post them on the program’s portal for other staff members to see!
  • Calendars are a big part of ensuring you can keep track of your clients’ day-to-day care plan and activities. Always know exactly when and where your client's event is taking place. No more double bookings, missed appointments or forgotten visits.
  • You may have a client with a daily, weekly or monthly appointment; no need to manually input each event and reminder; with our client tracker, this can all be done at once, saving you tedious administrative tasks so you can focus on more critical areas of work.


  • Your organization may be publicly or privately funded. ShareVision allows you to create custom reports to ensure all the data you have tracked on an individual, program, or organizational level can be easily quantified to ensure standards are met, and funding is continued.
  • With our client tracking and reporting tools, custom reports can be built for funders, board members, government, or stakeholders. Do they need to see a spreadsheet? Is it easier to read in a pie chart? Export the reports using whatever method you need to in order to share the data easily and keep your funders happy.
  • We know how important this work is, which is why we have worked throughout the years to adopt the best practices and give you the best client-tracking software and solutions so you can do your best work!

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