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How ShareVision Works

Built for tomorrow, ready for today 

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24/7 Accessibility
Because ShareVision is cloud-based, you'll be able to log in anytime and gain access to all your files and records, from work or from home. Receive alerts on the road. Work according to your schedule. Connect staff working in multiple locations. Make shift-hand-offs a breeze. Posting announcements and sharing information is easy and instant.

Personal logins and settings
Personal logins enable the software to identify each logged-in user and automatically apply their personal settings. Logged-in users are shown the individuals and programs they work with and a personalized Home page and site interface according to their user profile.

Multi-level user interface
ShareVision will look a little bit different for each staff level. Features, content, and functionality can be hidden or exposed for different user groups according to their assigned permissions.

Use only what you need
Get started with ShareVision and master the basics. It's easier on your budget and easier to learn. Then, as your organization grows over time, ShareVision add-on features can be acquired as needed. Upgrade to ShareVision Plus for more specialized requirements.