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(At least) 5 Easy Social Media Tips and Tools for Beginners



Social media strengthens connections and collaborations. It’s a way to share knowledge with your: community, clients, staff, volunteers, other agencies, and those seeking your expertise. Wonderful, right?

In 2018 it is used to turn communication into interactive dialogue among communities and individuals. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, GooglePlus, the list goes on. These platforms enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking, and who in this day and age doesn’t want to be able to do that for their organization? 

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How I learned about the Reasoning & Learning Lab at McGill University

Am I the only one who didn’t know about these cool areas of research right here in Canada?

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How to Deal with Trolls

I feel bad for trolls. No, not internet trolls but their namesakes, the ones of my childhood that hid under fairy tale bridges, and later became a shirtless, shoeless good luck toy with crazy rainbow hair. I feel bad for those trolls as they are now forever associated with the act of internet trolling and no longer seem to turn to stone in the sunlight as they once did when I was a kid. Even Hollywood tried to revive their good name by making the recent “Trolls” movie. Those trolls even pooped cupcakes, a sure sign that they couldn’t be all bad.

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Do you Need a Social Media Expert or Not?

We all know of someone, or some organization who has had wild success with their online marketing and media presence. Tweeting the right thing at just the right moment, showing as many Instagram followers as a minor celebrity, and using their social media to attract and hire a younger and hipper demographic to fill their agencies roster.

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Interview with a Hacker

In the relatively early days of the Internet (I’m dating myself here) I had a colleague who made it clear over a period of time that she understood and truly believed that a computer virus literally meant that her desktop machine had caught a cold. I eventually had to explain to her as gently as I could, that computer viruses were in fact man made and created with the intention to cause mischief or harm and were not biological in nature. Her disbelief of this revelation was so huge, that all she could muster to say was “But why?... Why indeed?

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