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The Golden Age of Smartphones?

During a recent binge watch of several “Mad Men” episodes on Netflix, I pondered how smoking was depicted on the show. How carefree and confidently they were all enjoying cigarettes! How accepted, condoned, and even gloriously portrayed it was within the popular culture of the time. Hell it practically made me want to smoke again. Then it made me think of smartphones, and that maybe we are all currently existing in a comparable golden age of smoking with them.

We have ALL heard that technology overuse can be hazardous to our health, but we seem to respond to any warnings the same way our smoking forefathers did, with the casual, “sure it might be harmful, but not to me” attitude.  Are we actually addicted to our phones? Are they truly hazardous to our health? And are there future technology-caused cancers looming in our collective futures? Experts disagree on this one:

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