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Conversations on technology for community service providers

Can Electronic Health Records Save Big Bucks for Community Services Too?

In just six years, from 2006 to 2012, the use of electronic health records (EHRs) in Canada has jumped from 23% to 56% and saved the Canadian medical system $1.3 CAN billion, a study commissioned by Canada Health Infoway has revealed.

e-Health - Part II: The Mental Health Innovation Network ROCKS

As mental health services move increasingly away from the hands of government, technology, software, and apps for community service providers seeking innovative and affordable solutions take on a higher priority.

e-Health - Part I: e-Health Conference in Vancouver June 1-4

Not so long ago (on the geological time scale), I was nearly laughed out my first university lab course for submitting a hand-drawn graph in my lab report. No one was doing graphs by hand anymore. My new lab mates, younger and fully immersed in the latest technology, brought their laptops into the lab and had never had to do a lab report without one. I, like most of my generation, was ancient and sooo behind. But the gap between frontier and mainstream was about to start narrowing.