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e-Health - Part II: The Mental Health Innovation Network ROCKS

As mental health services move increasingly away from the hands of government, technology, software, and apps for community service providers seeking innovative and affordable solutions take on a higher priority.

And so, you’ll be kicking yourself for missing out on the Mental Health Innovation Network (MHIN), if you don’t already know about it.


Who should care?

  • anyone who wants to find out about the latest hot technical innovations in mental healthcare
  • anyone who wants to be inspired by an impressive diversity of solutions to global mental health challenges
  • anyone who needs a reminder that real progress in mental healthcare is happening right now
  • anyone who wants to connect to a global community of innovators leading progress in mental healthcare
  • anyone who wants to submit an innovation

About MHIN

The MHIN website is a repository for information on global mental health innovation organized by project. Launched in June 2013, the site is a Canadian initiative run by researchers and policy makers from Centre for Global Mental Health of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, and the WHO's Department for Mental Health and Substance Abuse.

Sample of MHIN projects

You can check out all the latest projects as well as get information on submitting an innovation on the MHIN Web site. Or, you can submit an innovation directly to:

Grand Challenges Canada provides funding for MHIN

To date, Grand Challenges Canada has invested $28 million in 48 global mental healthcare projects. Click on video to view it.


Video not loading? Watch here:

Find out more

The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine’s Chariot blog: Innovations in mental health

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