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Accreditation Canada Provides New Home for the Health Innovation Portal

As of March 2014, the contents of the Health Innovation Portal, launched in 2012 by the now de-funded Health Council of Canada to house innovations in healthcare technology and practices, became fully absorbed into Accreditation Canada’s Leading Practices Database.

The Health Innovation Portal was a searchable database for healthcare providers that contained leading innovative healthcare practices vetted by the Health Council of Canada. Kicking things off was the Health Innovation Challenge. In 2009, the council launched the Health Innovation Challenge as a way to get university and college students involved in finding the best healthcare practices across Canada. Winners of the challenge had their submissions featured on the Health Innovation Portal.

The Health Council of Canada was only around from 2003-2014. It was created as part of an action plan that came out of a 2003 first ministers’ agreement on healthcare reform. Among its mandates was assessing innovative technology and practices that were improving the quality of the Canadian health care system. These innovations were then added to the Health Innovation Portal. Funding for the Health Council of Canada ended in March 2014, ending its service and Web access to the Health Innovation Portal.

Luckily, you can still access the contents of the Health Information Portal through Accreditation Canada’s Leading Practices Database, now containing over 900 innovative healthcare practices.

Read the Health Council’s press release on partnering with Accreditation Canada: New home announced for content of Health Innovation Portal

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