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ShareVision Support - How Did We Rate?


ShareVision Support – Customer Survey 2016

Thanks to all of our customers who responded and gave us great feedback!

While we always welcome a slap on the back for a job well done, we encourage and welcome your feedback when you are not happy with us. 

Our 2016 ShareVision Support Survey found that as a group, most customers were pleased and more than satisfied by the support received. Comments included that you ‘…appreciate the quick response time’ and ‘…get timely and helpful responses’.

We also discovered that you were less enthusiastic about the Support Request submission form. Some comments noted that at times the form was annoying due to ‘...having to fill in the same contact details every time’ and that some were ‘…daunted by the length of the form.

We listened to your feedback and made some changes – coinciding with our change of the Support Request system. In order to raise a new request all you need to do is login to the Support Portal and fill in the new form – no more repeating contact details each time you make a request.

A further change is that there are now three types of Support Request that you can make, each with minimal fields for you to provide information. The new forms do not have the many fields in the previous form, for example, about operating environment specifications and letting us know what you have tried already. We ask though, and especially where ShareVision is not working as expected, to please continue noting clearly how your staff experience the problem (what they click on) and where the problem is (hyperlinks and screen shots are great!). All this information will help us get on to resolving the issue as quickly as possible.

If you have any feedback you'd like to give us about Sharevision Support  you don't have to wait for the next survey. Please email me at steve@sharevision.ca and I will follow up.

The Coffee Card winner was Fenella of North Shore Disability Resource Centre.

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