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Shiny New Things


A sick feeling of dread and overwhelm, a worry that I’m not keeping up, and a sense of helplessness came over me during the most recent Apple watch launch. The feeling continued with every subsequent ad, promo, and lengthy analysis I was subjected to in the media. What’s next I kept thinking every time I heard another Watch ad; an iPurse?

I think my doctor would diagnose me with an ailment that has been around only since the early 2000’s. It mimics depression and burn out and yes I have a bad case of “Gadget Fatigue”, which is of course a real thing.  It has this definition according to Techopedia.com:

“Gadget fatigue describes a state that occurs when a user becomes confused, indecisive and overwhelmed when selecting technological or digital gadgets. The condition is usually precipitated by the release of several gadgets that share the same features and capabilities or are only marginally different from pre-existing product versions.”

Gadget fatigue seems to be a global trend and not just for folks behind the times like myself with my shameful, nearly two year old iPhone. It seems the computer world itself has gadget fatigue. Big consumer electronic shows are closing their doors as perhaps not enough new technology is really there anymore. We are victims of what Jason Perlow of Tech Broiler call MOSS (more of the same stuff). What’s more, our gadgets eat other gadgets. Remember GPS navigation units? They were eaten for lunch by our phones. 

Do we really need an iPhone, sorry an Apple watch to mimic our iPhone, on our wrist? Some might and do say yes! Yes, we need whatever they offer us. Then again, others are not predicting this to be a strong product for Apple. http://www.ibtimes.com/sales-apples-iphone-6-expected-disappoint-iwatch-chances-just-5050-analyst-says-1675874

And Apple is not alone. Stagnant sales of recent launches of the Blackberry Passport and Samsung Galaxy, may indicate that we consumers have had it. We keep getting put in that grey zone of considering a gadget upgrade, but not knowing if we will buy and then miss a new release. It’s frankly exhausting trying to stay ahead of our gadget’s new capabilities.

Maybe if the computer tech companies could hear what gadget fatigue sounds like, it would manifest as a single yoga style “Om” that we all sing to them. “pleeease just let us keep our gadgets until our contract is at least half over before you tantalize us with new shiny thinnngs”.

Or maybe we’ve just peaked technologically speaking. At some point a dual cool sided, ice-making refrigerator, simply became a fridge. The pocket calculator peaked when it became solar and then was eaten by our phone. Until we have the chip implanted at birth, I for one won’t be drinking all the Kool-Aid offered to me and won’t be buying an Apple watch.

I will admit I’d at least try on the iPurse, if so invented, as long as it could keep track of my keys for me.